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Friday, September 22, 2017

Options and Informations


Normal Backing: Normal backing adds weight and support to the patch allowing it to stay flater over time while allowing the patch thickness to stay the same and enough to be sewn onto a garment. Total Custom Patches includes plastic backing at no extra charge and is used in the patches by default. This backing is most common and gives higher quality embroidery results. It can be used conveniently with any patch, regardless of size, shape, or border type.


Iron-on Backing: Also known heat-seal, iron-on backing allows patch to stick on your garment by simply ironing it at your home. Iron-on backings add a little more stifness to the patches, allowing them to lay flat. Total Custom Patches uses the top quality iron-on backing which lasts longer than our clients expect. If done properly, Heat seal would not get off your garment instead will stay intact in its place for a longer period.

You can view the backing in the image simply by clicking on the image and look closely, you'll see that iron-on is a shiny plastic film that sticks temporarily on the back that will melt and adhere to the fabric when heated.


Click for step-by-step instructions for ironing patches to garments.

Velcro Backing: If your uniform or garment does not already have a loop fastener area, two-sided Velcro is the best choice. This backing comes with both the hook and loop side. All you have to do is sew the loop fastener to your uniform.

Adhesive Backing: Also known as peel and stick, adhesive, in a sense, turns your patch into an embroidered sticker. A glue is pressed onto the back of the patch, then is overlaid with paper to be peeled off at the time of use. 

An adhesive backing is a non-permanent option when applied to fabric or clothing; therefore, it is best for a single event. Although the glue is much stronger than what you will find on an average paper sticker, it will not withstand a cycle in the washing machine, and will also weaken over time. For permanent application, order your custom patches with plastic or no backing and sew them to your garments.

The paper backing for adhesive patches can fit the shape of the patch, as shown above, or it can be oversized, for quick and easy peeling and application.


Total Custom Patches Difference: Many patch companies glue the Velcro backing to the patch creating weak points that eventually cause the Velcro to un-attach itself from the back of the patch. TCP chooses a different way which fuses them together forever, the special part is that the stitches never show up on the patch.


Embroidery coverage defines the amount of embroidery across the entire surface of a patch. We base our embroidery percentages upon 2 basic amounts: upto 99% and 100% Filling percentages:

Upto 99% Coverage: Upto 99% embroidery filling refers to the patches that have the background fabric visible to some extent.

100% Coverage: 100% fill patches does not allow the fabric to stay visible, these patches are tough and do not a fall at all. Sometimes the hardness of the patches create problems for the patch to stay intact on the apparel, if the apparel is a softer one like leather jackets.


We have a variety of background options that would definitely stay up to your requirement, following are the most common background fabrics used in the patches. If you wish to use a fabric other than these please do contact us and we will do it :)

Polyester Twill:This is the most common background and every patch at Total Custom Patches comes with this option by default. Twill helps the embroidery to give an amazing look with a little shine. It also helps the edges to get sealed and no thread comes out ever.

Camouflage: This is used in mostly used for Military, Airsoft and Paintball Apparel and Gears but is also availed by some customers to get that unique, urban and fashionable look for their patch - inquire now to get a free quote!

Polyester Felt:These patches are made of felt as opposed to cotton. It gives the patch an older fashioned, retro feel. 





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